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Cyriak Harris (Of “awesome and kind of creepy animations on Youtube and TV” fame) has marked Doom’s 20th by posting the first 11 chunks of a level set he’s been toying with called Going Down. The “gimmick” here, for lack of a better term, is that every level takes place on a different floor of the same building, resulting in fairly small, dense environments where the entrance is also the exit. If you liked Claustrophobia, you’ll probably like this!

Still scared as hell of playing this wad. For those who don’t know, Cyriak Harris goes by the handle of “mouldy" and is also known for doing "The Eye", which won a Cacoward last year and despite being a single map, trust me, it is balls-to-the-walls hard. No-one has done a single playthrough of that map yet, despite being demos of larger maps compared to this one.

But still, feel free to try both of his works

I just got word that he finally finished this WAD. 30 levels full of pain. As expected, an /idgames release is bound to happen once every bug gets squashed

Go grab it here!

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