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I did a little bit of entity-hacking to stop the Alien Swarm maps from crashing SFM and to add a TF2 playerstart to each map, so they’ll play nicely now. You’ll still need to improvise up a ceiling and deal with nodrawed surfaces, though - I didn’t decompile/recompile anything this time around, it’s all the original BSP data. I used JimboMcB’s texture panels in that poster.

Grab the fixed maps!

You’ll need the model processing .bat to get the models to work in SFM - somehow that’s the only game that still needs it! Weird but true.




The Panther DC. The Mad Catz way of playing first person shooters on your Dreamcast.

ahahahaha, the fuck

The Dreamcast’s controller is about as suited to playing FPS games as my ass is suited to being on television. In Unreal Tournament the D-Pad handles either alt-fire or jumping, due to the lack of an L2/R2 equivalent. You have to decide what’s more important controls/wise - jumping over pits with any degree of finesse, or those sweet sweet shock combos.

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